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Antibacterial Nano-Silver Toothbrush

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Antibacterial Nano-Silver Toothbrush Youth
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Antibacterial Nano-Silver Toothbrush Adult
Our Price: €5.95

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Antibacterial Nano-Silver Toothbrush

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Antibacterial Nano-Silver Toothbrush

With Innovative Dual Action Nano-Silver Bristles

Enjoy healthier teeth, gums and general health.
Get that "Just cleaned at the dentist" feeling

Nano-Silver Effectively Kills Bacteria

  • Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing science of producing and utilizing nano-sized particles that measure in nanometers (1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter). Nano-Silver is making an early impact in healthcare.

  • Silver has been used for the treatment of medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Nano-Silver particles typically measure 25nm.

  • Because of their nano-size, they provide an extremely large relative surface area, thus increasing their contact with bacteria, thereby vastly improving its bactericidal effectiveness.

  • Nano-Silver suppresses a bacteria cell's respiration and metabolism, thus inhibiting cell growth that normally causes infection, odor, illness, etc.

Superior "Dual Action" Flossing Bristles™ reach plaque and food that other brushes miss!

  • Revolutionary Flossing Bristles™ - long, soft dental floss bristles for cleaning between teeth and in hard to reach locations; thicker, harder inner bristles ensure complete cleaning.

  • Extra soft bristles are great for sensitive gums and braces!

  • Made from advanced PBT plastics, these bristles outlast less expensive nylon bristles found on competitive toothbrushes.

  • Our patent pending Flossing Bristles™ are 10X thinner than bristles on ordinary toothbrushes and 1 micrometer (1/100th the diameter of human hair) at the tip!
Oral B® Misses cavity causing plaque & food
Mouth Watchers® Reaches and brushes away cavity causing plaque & food

Before Using Mouth Watchers - After Using Mouth Watchers

Clinically Proven Gum Line Tartar Reduction

Before Mouth Watchers®

Patient with repeated gingival tartar buildup from inadequate plaque removal.

After Mouth Watchers®

Patient 6 months after switching to Mouth Watchers® Antibacterial Toothbrush with Flossing Bristles™.

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Nano Silver 5.95